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Fashion is one of the world’s largest industries, however, it is also one of the most polluting. Waste is one of the biggest challenges in the fashion industry. In North America alone, consumers throw out what is the equivalent of the Empire State building in weight every year. This waste is then either being burnt or going to landfills which is very unsustainable. At Beau Swim we are sustainable by using fabrics used out of ocean waste and plastic water bottles. Our entire mens collection and part of our women's collection is made from ECONYL. ECONYL is the fabric that is made from ocean waste and plastic water bottles. Recycled fabrics help keep more waste out of landfill. While we use sustainable fabrics, we also donate a portion from every sale to the ROLE Foundation, which is a foundation that educates business on how to be more sustainable in their work lives, and in their everyday lives. Education plays a massive part in helping the environmental crisis. The more people know and are aware, the more we can help. At Beau Swim we are committed to being apart of the solution.